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How to travel  around the Amalfi Coast?

How to travel around the Amalfi Coast?

Love them or hate them, Sita buses are your ticket for travelling around the Amalfi Coast. If the seas are too rough for the ferries or the prezzo for that taxi fare is too expensive, study up for your ultimate Sita bus guide.

Here are your 8 things you should know before travelling on a Sita bus guide. Enjoy!

  1. T is for Tabacchi and T is for ticket.

    The local tabbachi store is the place to go to buy your bus tickets. It is a store that sells confectionary products and cigarettes. The store has a blue sign with a white T. You can’t miss it!

    Hint: One ticket per person, sounds silly doesn't it? But strangely enough the other day a family boarded the bus with one ticket and the dad got on the bus leaving the mother and the two children behind (have fun Mum!).

    Hint: YOU NEED A SITA BUS TICKET. Do not get mixed up with the internal bus tickets. The little buses that you see that circling around the centre of Positano and Praiano, they have another ticket and you cannot use their bus ticket to get on the SITA bus.

  2. It’s a sign from above

    Know the name of the destination you are wanting to go to and what bus line to take. This will help. If you are wanting to go to Positano for example you must take the Sorrento bus line whereas if you are wanting to go to Vietri Sul Mare, that is in the opposite direction and you will need to take the Salerno bus line.

  3. You have crossed the line

    You know what? Don't worry about the line. Somedays there will be a line and other times, people will herd around the buses and when the bus pulls in BAM! The bus station has suddenly turned into a zoo. People do put their cranky pants on and even if you line up thinking you're doing the right thing, there will always be that person who will push in line.

  4. Hand Sanitiser and Wet wipes are your best friends enough said.

  5. Sit or stand?

    In the peak of Summer (especially in July and August) don't expect a seat or worse don't even expect to get on the bus! If it’s a Saturday, in the middle of the week or if it is the last bus, you maybe standing. But hey! There’s always that 100 euro taxi fare from Positano to Amalfi.

    6. Tick Tock!

    Are the Sita buses going to be on time? Probably not. More than likely they will be late so be prepared to wait up to 1 hour. If you have an entertaining companion, you're all set!

7. One word. Stampede.

Hold your ground, I know sometimes we feel the urge to allow others to push infront of us but this could result in missing your bus. Arriverderci!

8. Shields at the ready

Build a strong emotional shield. Locals and tourists alike can say some pretty awful things. There have been times where fights have broken out when lining up for the bus. Seriously? The elbows are always out so if they don't use their mean words, they will use their elbows as weapons for mass destruction.

I hope this guide has been useful and has prepared you for what is yet to come with Sita buses! In saying all these points, the bus ride along the Amalfi Coast is probably one of the best rides in the whole world! Behind all these points is a beautiful coastline to be discovered. So get your cameras out and if you’re lucky, sit next to the window to embrace the view. ( Left side if you’re heading to Positano and right side if you’re heading to Amalfi) If you do get car sick, look to the horizon and just don't think about the curves and turns along the way.


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