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5 Cafes that you must try on the Amalfi Coast

5 Cafes that you must try on the Amalfi Coast

Like drinking heaven from a cup, it’s easy to say that the coffee in Italy is the best in the world. In all honesty, I have never had a bad cup of coffee while living here.

Why am I posting about the best cafes on the Amalfi Coast? Well, first off I am no coffee expert. In fact I am a bit of a tea addict. That said, there are moments when one needs a great cup of coffee and with that in mind, here are a few of my favourite cafes.

The places I have listed are unique and offer something a little extra with ambience and great coffee. So let’s get these ticked off your list!

If I didn’t put your favourite cafe on the Amalfi Coast on the list, please feel free to comment as I love trying out new places and am so grateful for your contribution :)

Top Cafes to go to on the Amalfi Coast

“La vita inizia dopo il caffe”

Life begins after coffee

1. Sal di Riso, Minori

Certainly one of the best pasticceria in the region. This cafe, has so much more than your morning coffee. Rows of sweet delights made by the award winning pastry chef Salvatore De Riso will tempt your taste buds and have your jaw dropping for choice. His signature Ricotta and Pear Torte is to die for. The coffee is great but here it is the tantalising accompaniments that set this cafe a part. Table service by attentive waiters makes this cafe experience a memorable one.

Sal di Riso

2. Andrea Pansa Amalfi

The perfect place to start my day at Andrea Pansa Amalfi with a cappuccino.

Like being on a 1930’s film set, the waiters are dressed in white, long sleeved shirts with accompanying bow ties. Tables are covered in lace table cloths and the vintage interior looks like an art Nuovo postcard. Either stand at the bar, in amongst the locals, or take a seat overlooking the gleaming Duomo of St Andrea. For those who enjoy a tea or coffee with complimentary biscotti, I can highly recommend you to sit down and immerse yourself in this atmosphere. Oo and if you’re ever in need of a quick breakfast, grab your nutella cornetto from their beautiful pasticceria.

Tip: If you stand at the bar it is not as expensive as sitting at a table. It is also faster service. This applies to most cafes around the coast and in Italy.

Andrea Pansa Amalfi

3. Collina Bakery, Positano

A sweet little bakery nestled between the Via Mulini and the Cristofo Colombo. Collina has amazing coffee with little bites to eat such as croissants, pizza and biscotti. They also have gelato as well! Collina is one of the most inexpensive cafes in Positano and it is worth every cent! The best! I also love the chandelier that hangs in the cafe. It is completely made out of teacups and spoons.

Collina bakery Positano

4. Cafe Calce Ravello

Also known as the cat cafe- not really I have just renamed it to that! If you are a crazy cat lover (like myself) welcome to your haven. You could be sitting down sipping your morning macchiato when suddenly cats from all directions come and jump all over you. ( Maybe this won’t be a favourite for dog lovers!) Most of the time you can find them in the square but this particular cafe is their trademark. The coffee here is also quite superior.

Tip: Never order a cappuccino after lunchtime otherwise prepare for funny looks! (Italians believe that the milk doesn’t mix well with lunch and that is why they don’t have cappuccinos after 1:00!)

Cafes on the amalfi coast

5. Bar Internazionale Positano

If you’re travelling to Positano, I recommend you get off at the second stop in Positano at Chiesa Nuova, stop by Bar Internazionale. Why do I like this bar? I like it because it feels like you’ve been transported into a cafe in Naples where dialect is spoken across the counter and the perfume of traditional Neopolitan treats are being made. Take a bite of some Baba and enjoy sipping your cappuccino along the road overlooking the colourful vibrant town of Positano. If you sit inside, be sure to take note of the beautiful ceramic tables. Here again, it isn’t overly populated with tourists, mainly locals and the price is quite reasonable for Positano. After soaking up the atmosphere, walk down the windy alleyways laced in purple bougainvillea, passing through the quaint houses, it’s a great escape from all the crowds.

Best cafes on the Amalfi Coast

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