My name is Katherine although people know me as Kate also known as Vegemite Spaghetti!


I’m a Aussie vegemite girl living a world of spaghetti!  I have travelled to the Amalfi Coast  every summer since the age of 9. I happened to meet a lovely Amalfitana by the name of Alfonso and now I live here in a place called Atrani, the smallest town in Southern Italy.

The Amalfi Coast has been carved onto my heart since I was a young girl. Now I've built connections, relationships and friendships here. I have been embraced into a loving family and  the Amalfi Coast is  now a place I call home.  

I am passionate about photography, writing and film making. I am a story teller and enjoy watching  people in my everyday surroundings. Since living here, I know what the locals like. I hope to show the followers of this blog  the true essence of the Amalfi Coast. Being on holidays here is a once in a lifetime experience and I would like people to see the Amalfi Coast the way I see it everyday. 

If you would like to see the Amalfi Coast the way I see it everyday, get the Amalfi Coast into your system. Breathe it, live it and embrace it. Follow me to the true Amalfi Coast.