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What to Pack for the Amalfi Coast
What to pack for the Amalfi Coast; Packing list Amalfi Coast.

Passport? Check. Wallet? Check. Camera? Check.

Hmmmm but the question still remains: “What to pack for the Amalfi Coast?”. Yes you have all the important things packed but let me give you the Amalfi Coast essential guide to packing, filled with 7 of the most valuable items that you will need and will be happy to have during the heat of an Italian Summer.

So what are you waiting for? Start reading and start packing!

What to pack for the Amalfi Coast

Welcome to my packing list of Essential items to pack for the Amalfi Coast. This has been my survival kit that I have found to be most useful when living here during the heat of the Summer. So get your checklist ready and cross these off as we go. Ready?

  1. A Sarong/Scarf

    A Sarong is a piece of fabric that can be used in so many ways. It can be your shade, it can be used as a beach towel, a style icon, a cover up and a sarong is your key to accessing all the churches here on the Amalfi Coast, as a majority will require you to cover your shoulders or knees as a sign of respect. Ladies: wanting an idea on how you can dress elegantly in a sarong? Watch my video below!

  2. A Fan

    Call me old fashioned but would you believe it that handheld fans during the Summertime of the Amalfi Coast have become the most stylish trend of Italian culture. They are graceful but also very useful in the height of Summer. Handheld fans took off at the runway of Copenhagen’s fashion week this year in July. A fan is a perfect accessory to have to cool off and is one of the best items I own.

  3. Togs

    Togs, swimming costume, cozzie, bikini all of the above you’re going to need them, the heat is on!

What to pack Amalfi Coast

4. Coins

Make sure you have some loose change on you! There have been countless occasions when I have been lucky to have some coins for a bus ticket, an entrance fee to a Roman Villa, even a refreshing lemon sorbet!

5. Cool linen

A linen dress, a linen top, less fabric clinging to you the better! Trust me, you would prefer to be as cool as a cucumber when taking in the summer rays on the Amalfi Coast. Travel light and don’t think about wearing jeans except if you are intending to travel in October and other Winter months.

6. Umbrella

Hmmmmmm why? I put this down because the first year when we travelled to the Amalfi Coast, a student of my Mum recommended us to take an umbrella when visiting Pompeii. Not because it would rain there but because there is NO shade at the ruins. So why not create your own shade with your very own umbrella?

7. Walking Shoes

A good pair of walking shoes is just what you need to conquer the Path of the Gods or any other hike. Please don’t hike in sandals or heels!! Sure sandals for the beach but getting around the coast I suggest a good pair of walking shoes such as Nikes or Doc Martins as there are uneven surfaces, cobble stones and stairs, the terrain in some places can be rough. Ladies are you deciding between stilettos and wedges choose wedges. They are my best dress shoe as they offer a bit more stability. Also stilettos are quite useless when they get stuck it the cobble stoned streets.

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